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P.O. Box 31928
San Francisco, CA, 94131-0928

A space to encourage writing of Filipino American literature and the arts


The Hinabi Project

The Hinabi Project: The Art of Philippine Textiles seeks to increase awareness of and appreciation for the exquisite and rich tradition of Philippine weavings and textiles. The project aims to encourage the families of weavers, embroiderers, and designers of traditional Filipino textiles to continue working on their crafts by supporting sustainable household economies and their incorporation into the culture industries. Through these efforts, the project hopes it will inspire Filipinos at home and overseas to rediscover their rich textile heritage and incorporate aspects of this heritage in their modern lifestyle, thereby ensuring the continuation of a living culture and related craft industries. 

Towards these goals, The Hinabi Project has introduced to the San Francisco public an exhibit of textile arts by artisan families who produce fabrics from pineapple fiber and textiles produced from abaca (musa textilis) as part of its on-going awareness program.

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