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San Francisco, CA, 94131-0928

A space to encourage writing of Filipino American literature and the arts



Pinay Workshop

PAWA PINAY Lit and Creative Writing: 10-week online course

In this ten week online course, we will be reading, viewing, and hearing Pinay narratives (and some narratives about Pinays), writing creative responses, formulating questions and generating writing prompts from our readings of the texts.

What this course is interested in: fleshing out and complicating Filipina subjectivity, examining and exposing its many layers; centering a multiplicity of Filipina narrators, speakers, characters, voices. Centering and voicing this complex Pinay subjectivity is crucial; too often, we are sidelined, ignored, silenced, expected to consent to being a non-speaking commerce and commodity. At best, we are simplified as a singular body with uniform concerns. That is the damaging norm to which our society is desensitized.

Writing against this norm and desensitizing brings repercussions -- belittling, burying, further silencing and censoring, and being ignored.

Can our writing even come close to undoing any of the damage and repercussions? Can we at least write in an attempt to recover wholeness? And what happens if we don’t at least try?

This course is meant to be a generative workshop. You will provide and receive regular feedback to and from your peers, and you will receive regular and involved feedback from me, mostly in the form of additional questions to support you as you continue with your works in progress.

The ten week online session will culminate in a group chapbook to be published by PAWA, and a public event.

Course instructor: Barbara Jane Reyes

Start Date: August 01, 2014.

Pricing: $300 to $500, sliding scale.

We will cap enrollment at 20.

Questions? Please contact us here.