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Samantha Sotto’s sojourn to 'Before Ever After'


From Asian Journal: Before Ever After is a modern fairy-tale that asks, ‘What if your happy ending was only the beginning?’

Samantha admits to being so affected, and eventually inspired by the ending of Time Traveller’s Wife. The book for her ended how it was supposed to end, but she personally was kept wondering as well, ‘what if the main character had a penchant for not dying?’

“If he had a penchant for not dying, what would his life be like? What would his friends be like? It started from there, and it became a springboard. I was inspired by that, and the television show Dr. Who,” she explains.


As a newly minted author, Sam has promised her agent that she’d come up with more stories. For now, she is working on her second book.

“I’m 80 percent done and hopefully when things settle down, I’ll be able to finish it in the next two to three months,” she says.

Getting published, for Samantha, is like coming to a full circle. Detours may have brought her to different career paths but when everything has been said and done, she’s right back where she’s ought to be.

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