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Philippine American Writers and Artists blog for lit/arts events, reviews, news, and opportunities.

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09/23 - 09/25/2011: Universal Filipino at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe


Please also read Tony Robles's interview with Kilusan Bautista at Poor Magazine.

Who gave you the name Kilusan and what meaning does it hold for you?

In 1999, I was part of a Philippine study abroad program for Filipino Americans known as Tagalog On Site.  I was given the name Kilusan, which means active movement, by community activists and artists who encouraged me to continue the movement for social justice and human rights in the United States of North America.  The name Kilusan is more of a reminder that as a Filipino American I am connected to a global struggle and I have a responsibility to live consciously and to live for social change!

What is your relationship to poverty and how has it informed your work?

I grew up within a working class family in San Francisco.  Most of my youth dealt with the domestic struggles of having a father addicted to drugs.  I also have family in the Philippines who either live in urban slums or rural provinces.  As an artist and humanitarian, I create my work from these places because they molded how I see the world.  I work from the ideal that transformation comes from immense pain and struggle.  Therefore I look at poverty as a foundation that informs my work because it was a part of my identity as a young Filipino American and it was a huge push factor that influenced my family to immigrate to the United States of North America.

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07/30/2011: Kilusan Bautista at Verses (Nuyorican Poets Cafe)


Urbintel Presents


when poetry is not enough... open mic, poetry, monologues, sketch comedy showcase

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Nuyorican Poets Cafe 236 East 3rd Street (BTWN Ave B & C) New York, NY 10009

Hosted by: The CRAZY ONE Helena D. Lewis


Truthbtold Kasim Allah Kilusan Bautista Ron Kipling Williams Samuel Henry

Doors Open 9:30 PM/Show Time 10 PM

DIRECTIONS TO THE NUYORICAN By NYC Subway:Closest Subway Stop is "2nd Avenue" on the F Train:F Train to 2nd Avenue Station. Get out at the 1st Avenue exit and walk east to Avenue B. This is the closest subway train stop, since you'll be getting out on East Houston Street, which is already below 14 Street, and you'll be getting out on 1st Avenue, which is pretty far east.R Train to 8th Street Station. This is a bit of a walk but you're in the neighborhood. You'll end up on Broadway and West 8th Street when you get out of the train. Walk east to Avenue B, then over to East 3rd Street.4 or 5 Train to 14 Street Station. Walk east to Avenue B, then walk over to East 3rd Street.6 Train to Astor Place Station. Same directions as above, only you'll be about 6 blocks closer.You can take any train to the West 4th Street Station, but we recommend that you switch to the F Train at that point and take it to the Second Avenue Station. West 4th Street Station is way west of the cafe, but it IS a downtown stop and in the vicinity. If you must go this route, it's a beautiful (but long) walk on a summer's night. Find East 3rd Street when you exit the train, and just keep walking east .....(like 8 avenues).If you come by car, the fastest way is via the FDR drive, since we're on the east side of Manhattan. The exit is Houston Street. You've got to make a right from Houston Street