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A space to encourage writing of Filipino American literature and the arts




Philippine American Writers and Artists blog for lit/arts events, reviews, news, and opportunities.

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Call for Bloggers: Art of Hustle

bjanepr ART OF HUSTLE (dot com) is seeking contributors for the following writing types:

  1. TIPS. In other words “how to”.
  2. STORIES OF SUCCESS. Narratives or interviews about learning moments, instances of career advancement, or skill development.

Topics for either may range and cover any of the following:

  • Money (making or management)
  • Productivity/Performance tips and best practices
  • Team work
  • Communications (either interpersonal or marketing)
  • Technology (apps, useful websites, tools, etc.)
  • Team, Project, or Time management
  • Professional development (e.g. reporting on trainings, books, lectures)
  • Other: Any similar topics
  • (Please browse to read the archives and get a feel for the readership, the topics covered, and the general tone of the articles.)

ABOUT ART OF HUSTLE: This site is for artists and entrepreneurs to learn marketing and management tips & information. Through trainings and consulting, ART OF HUSTLE equips independent artists, creative entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations with new perspectives and valuable tools, cultivating fresh leadership in our communities. We believe in the great value of mastering narrative, personally and moreover professionally, to better serve the goals of any individual and company.

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PODCAST EPISODE 003: VISUAL ARTIST, JENIFER WOFFORD! Visual artists, take heed! The latest podcast features international artist and longtime educator, Jenifer Wofford! If you’re local to San Francisco, you may have recognized her work gracing the Market Street kiosk posters, or you may know her also as a member of the renowned Mail Order Brides art collective. Of the many gems that she offers in this episode, Jenifer shines light on:

  • The importance of artist adaptability; Curating your income streams
  • The secret advantages of the privileged in the art world
  • The concrete benefit of pursuing professional development (PD) and mentorship
  • Enjoying art outside of your own genre to keep your eyes fresh
  • And being “googleable”

“The ongoing crisis that happens in art departments, in our art programs, in art schools is that while they still do an excellent job of training young people how to make strong work, they do an absolutely appalling job of training them in how to get that work shared with other people and how to feel unconflicted about it.” --Jenifer K. Wofford

Podcast is here.

Art of Hustle: Where Art Meets Entrepreneurship


"Creative minds are needlessly dragging through ineffectiveness and disorder. ART OF HUSTLE equips people with new perspectives and valuable tools, cultivating fresh leadership in our communities." Dear PAWA community, if you believe it's time to get serious about your careers as artists, here is another place you can start: Anthem Salgado's Art of Hustle.

How ART OF HUSTLE Will Contribute To Your Success

If you want to organize your ideas into action, if you want to increase your visibility, if you want to find ways to achieve your goals in this economy, you’re in the right place. I break down business and marketing practices, and give you simple, actionable steps to help you fine tune your operations.

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