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A space to encourage writing of Filipino American literature and the arts



Philippine American Writers and Artists blog for lit/arts events, reviews, news, and opportunities.

Call for Submissions: The Truth We Carry: The Insurgent Narratives Project


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Contact: Barbra Ramos, AF3IRM Los Angeles   

AF3IRM Begins New Journey with Online Space for Transnational Women and Allies

This past International Working Women’s Day, AF3IRM renewed its commitment to the liberation of women and declared that erasure is not an option. We demanded an end to efforts to erase our collective histories - because we choose to remember and we choose to not forget. We dedicated ourselves to the personal and political acts of writing and speaking on our own histories.

Today, AF3IRM continues this commitment to the struggle with the launch of a new online space for transnational women and allies with The Truth We Carry: The Insurgent Narratives Project. It is a space that seeks to expand and deepen AF3IRM’s comprehensive advocacy and political work. The call for submissions declares that “now is the time to speak our truth – the truth we find behind our own words and in the stories we keep close. It is in the blood coursing through our veins, the bruises that still remain, and the borders cutting across us.” We invite all to read the call for submissions and to submit their articles, essays, stories, and original art to this collection.

AF3IRM members from across the country have already begun to reflect deeply, think critically, and consciously create works to contribute. Works will include stories of witness, essays and opinions on current topics, original art and visuals, and reflections from the Militant Mama’s Corner. The Truth We Carry will also offer up meaningful quotations and the histories of women - from the tales of goddesses and warriors in our largely forgotten past to the lives of revolutionary sheroes.

The Truth We Carry: The Insurgent Narratives Project is a space in which we choose to share our stories, our creative energies, and our inspirations. It takes us back to where we and our demands for social justice, change, and truth all began - with us –with our stories, with our bodies, with our hearts. These are our answers to the gnawing in our hearts and to the questions of why. These are our connections between, around, and through the dots. This is how we see the light through the darkness of oppression and violence. We use these acts of art and memory to be a witness to our past, an agent of our present, and the cadre for our collective future, showing that change is always possible and engaging in acts of conscious and deliberate activism as part of our commitment to the transnational feminist movement and to the liberation of women everywhere.

This is our truth that we carry that keeps us moving forward. We ask you to share the truth that you carry-- join AF3IRM in bearing witness and light. It will nourish us all through the struggle.

The Truth We Carry: The Insurgent Narratives Project can be found


The Truth We Carry: The Insurgent Narratives Project

Call for Submissions

“We are volcanoes.

When we women offer our experience as our truth,

as human truth, all the maps change.

There are new mountains.”

- Ursula K. Le Guin

We are feminists and activists. There are reasons we come back, again and again, to this work – despite long hours, verbal and physical attacks from opposition, systemic inequalities and ongoing struggles.

As feminist activists, we demand change – because we are the keepers of our histories, our shared hopes, our collective strength.  We rise up and speak out because we choose not to forget – to not forget the truth behind our very existence and experience and this world in which we live.

Now is the time we speak our truth – the truth that we find behind our own words and in the stories we keep close. It is in the blood coursing through our veins, the bruises that still remain, and the borders cutting across us.

The Truth We Carry: The Insurgent Narratives Project is an online space created and curated by AF3IRM that seeks to expand the organization’s advocacy and political work. We invite all to submit their articles, essays, stories, and original art to this collection. The project recognizes that “the personal is political” and that is not only the work that we do that is important, but also the reasons behind what we do and why we continue to fight.

We tell our stories to proclaim why we value and carry on our work. We want others to discover how feminism, specifically transnational feminism, can and should be relevant to their lives, regardless of their sex or gender. We bear witness to our own stories, histories, and struggles, as well as seek to share stories of women, heroines, and goddesses that have been forgotten or lost.

These are our stories to tell – we want to bring back together the fragmented histories and narratives of both our shared and disparate existences so that we can grow community and heal from the trauma of abuse, the trauma of discrimination, the trauma of migration, the trauma of separation – all the traumas buried deep in our bodies, our hearts, our families and friends, and our histories.  We share our stories and we ask you to share yours so that together, we can show that change is possible and that our strength has no bounds. This truth we carry will nourish us through the struggle.

The Association of Filipinas, Feminists Fighting Imperialism, Re-feudalization, and Marginalization (AF3IRM), is a national organization of women engaged in transnational feminist, anti-imperialist activism. AF3IRM is committed to militant movement-building from the United States and effects change through grassroots organizing, trans-ethnic alliance building education, advocacy and direct action.

Possible submissions include: personal narrative about how you became and continue to be feminist, especially a transnational feminist; opinion piece about being brown/yellow/black/red and female in the US; or a take on current event or issue on the national/international political scene. Images and artwork, as long as they are the property of the submitter, are also welcome.

Email all submissions to Entries are accepted on a rolling basis with preference given to pieces submitted before the 15th of each month. Written submissions should have a max word count of 700; all artwork should have a minimal resolution of 300 ppi.  All genres are accepted; please specify the genre at time of submission. Please note that preference is given to non-fiction and creative non-fiction because we want to hear your stories and use those stories to empower others. However if you have a different creative idea that fits with the mission, we’d love to hear it. Not all submissions will be selected for publication.

Submission to the blog grants AF3IRM and its entities the rights to publish entries online on the AF3IRM website.  All submissions are subject to review and we may request or make editorial changes with your consent and permission.