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10/12 - 10/27: FACINE (Filipino American Cine Festival)


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media contact: Mauro Tumbocon, Jr., Artistic Director Phone: (415) 509-3581; Email:


The longest-running festival of films from the Philippines and the Filipino diaspora showcases a total of 34 feature-length films and short works

San Francisco, September 28 - FACINE/19, the 19th annual filipino american cine festival reels off with the world premiere of Archie del Mundo's political thriller, The Corruption of Melba [Ang Misis ni Meyor] as its opening film on October 12, Friday, 6 p.m. at the Manilatown Center, 868 Kearny Street, San Francisco.

The festival will close with the Bay Area premiere of Sari Lluch Dalena's martial law drama, Ka Oryang, a Cinema One Originals production, on October 27, Saturday, 4 p.m. at the War Memorial Community Center, 6655 Mission Street, Daly City.

A special gala screening of Bay Area-based filmmaker Ron Santiano's sci-fi adventure films, Chronicles of the Order and Code Name: Dragonfly will be held at War Memorial Center on October 26, 6 p.m. This will be preceded by Aaron Woolfolk's short feature, Nico's Sampaguita, produced, co-written and acted in by Filipina American actor, Marissa Catubig.

The yearly festival, the longest-running event in the US, is organized by FACINE or filipino arts & cinema, international, a not-for-profit media arts organization based in San Francisco. FACINE aims to promote and develop Filipino American as well as Philippine national cinema.

A total of 34 full-length films and short works will be shown for three weekends in three venues: October 12-13 at the Manilatown Center (868 Kearney Street, San Francisco); October 20-21 at the Bayanihan Center (1010 Mission Street, San Francisco); and on October 26-27 at the War Memorial Community Center, 6655 Mission Street, Daly City.

A wide array of new works by filmmakers from the Philippines and the Filipino diaspora on varying subjects and genre will be presented in different programs.

San Francisco screenings, $5 suggested donation; Daly City screenings, free to the public

For full program, please refer to: or!/mftworks4ever

The festival is co-presented with the Filipino American Development Foundation, Manilatown Heritage Foundation and the City of Daly City in celebration of Filipino American History Month. For information, please contact, Mauro Tumbocon, Director, FACINE at(415) 756-7331 or 415-509-3581 or email:

Find below the full schedule of the festival.


MANILATOWN CENTER, 868 Kearney Street, San Francisco, October 12-13

6:00 p.m., Friday, October 12 Patron ng Laging Saklolo/Patronage politics (Seymour Barros Sanchez, Phil, 2012) A surreal look at Philippine politics The Corruption of Melba (Archie del Mundo, Philippines, 2012) Widowed wife's ascent to positions of power springs from her intent to avenge the murder of her farmer/organizer husband

2:00 p.m., Saturday, October 13 Shorts Program: Brown Buddies, Engaged Sista (Evan Burris Trout, Philippines/US, 2012) A sweet ode to the fabled guitarmaker of Cebu, Southern Philippines Comrades (Paolo Bitanga, US, 2012) A short documentary on breakdancing among Filipino youth Brothers of Kappa Pi (Roberto Reyes Ang, US, 2012) Young Filipino Americans in New York find strength learning about their roots, their culture and community The Bladed Hand (Jay Ignacio, US/Philippines, 2012) The filmmaker traces the beginnings, the masters and current practice of Filipino Martial arts both in the Philippines and in the US

4:00 p.m. Saturday, October 13 Senorita (Vincent Sandoval, US/Philippines, 2012) A Filipina transgender, very much self-aware, gets involved in the tumult of the political times

6:00 p.m., Saturday, October 13 Special Program: Home and Away, Mother's Lament Nanay/Mother (Clarissa de los Reyes, US, 2012) A Filipina nanny in New York feels strange sense of alienation Mother and Child (Jocelyn Saddi-Lenhardt, US, 2012) A mother, now living with her son in Los Angeles, is unsettled by the arrival of her long-estranged husband Wan Chai Baby (Craig Addison, Hong Kong, 2011) A Filipina domestic worker tries to make ends meet in HongKong and makes an uneasy decision

BAYANIHAN CENTER, 1010 Mission Street, San Francisco, October 20-21

12 noon, Saturday, October 20 Documentary Program Kalluman Ma Tahik/At home at sea (Fruto Corre, Philippines/US, 2008) - The Bajau people of Southern Mindanao, often called "sea nomads" eke out their modest lives as they learn to wage a peaceful co-existence with other groups like the Tausugs Ati-Atihan Lives (Patrick Alcedo, Phil/Canada, 2012) - Not only a popular festival, but the Ati-Atihan of Aklan is a way of life even for someone living in the US who returns to the homeland to be with her people, even for a moment

2:00 p.m., Saturday, October 20 Special Program: The Unknowing, Thoughts on death and the Dying Pamatid-Gutom/Hunger pangs (Richard Soriano Legaspi, Philippines, 2012) - Amidst the frenzy of an election, a mother painfully gives up her child to escape hunhuger Manenaya/Waiting (Richard Soriano Legaspi, Phil, 2011) - A woman grieves for a husband, still waiting for him to re-surface Death of a Cemetery (Jeanie Duque Dizon, US, 2012) - They who choose the live their daily lives, among the dead, yes literally!

4:00 p.m., Saturday, October 20 Lugar Lang (Evan Burris Trout, Philippines/US, 2012) - A driver and his sidekick, on this last trip for the day, find a dead body in his jeepney; and hilarity ensues Darkest Night (Noel Tan & Russ Williams, Philippines/Malaysia, 2012) - A well-heeled family in the Philippines takes a vacation in serene Sagada Mountains, finds unwanted guests in their scariest night

6:00 p.m., Saturday, October 20 Pikit-Mata/Blind submission (Ronaldo C. Carballo, Philippines, 2012) - Two brothers are forced into prostitution due to poverty in this sexually-charged drama that represents the now-extremely popular pink film from the Philippines

12 n, Sunday, October 21 Shorts Program: Love, if possible Ang Obrang Hindi Tapos/The unfinished masterpiece (Rembrandt Vocalan, Philippines, 2005) - The life of National Artist Botong Francisco before his first-ever win in a painting competition The Date (Cara Mia, US, 2012) - Yes, it's a date! Kasunduan/The arrangement (Joshell Montanano,Philippines, 2012) - A newly-married couple, forced into marriage by family edict, contemplate on their lives Johnny Loves Dolores (Clarissa de los Reyes, US, 2012) - He is a remittance worker in New York, she is a housecleaner and undocumented – in their tenuous immigrant existence, they must have found love.

2:00 p.m., Sunday, October 21 Quezon Kong Mahal/Quezon, my beloved (Julianito Villasanta, Philippines, 2012) - The director pays homage to his beloved hometown, Lopez, Queszon In Bangka Ha Ut Sin Duwa Sapah/The boat between two rivers (Sigfried Barros Sanchez, Philippines, 2012) - A mother takes her 2 sons from one end of the river in a makeshift boat of banana stalks to the other end to go to school; it happens that these opposite ends of the river are where government military and Muslim extremists are holed up.

WAR MEMORIAL COMMUNITY CENTER, 6655 Mission Street, Daly City, October 26-27 6:00 p.m., Friday, October 26 Nico's Sampaguita (Aaron Woolfolk, US, 2012) - A Filipina American widow deals with grief and unsteady relationship with his son Chronicles of the Order & Code Name: Dragonfly (Ron C. Santiano, US, 2012) - The Filipina warrior kicks ass!

12 n, Saturday, October 27 Dognapper (Victoria Donato, US) Ganap na Babae/Garden of Eve (Rica Arevalo, Ellen Ramos, Sarah Roxas, Philippines, 2010) - Three stories about women by three women directors. A prostitute, two sisters with one thinking of working abroad, a middle-aged woman finds herself attracted to a much younger man

2:00 p.m., Saturday, October 27 Triptych (Adrian Alarilla, Philippines/US) - Film poems – thoughts of moving, of finding love? Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa/The dance of two left feet (Alvin Yapan, Philippines, 2011) - The Urian-winning film speaks of repressed desire in a work that successfully incorporates poetry, dance, epic literature and music.

4:00 p.m. Saturday, October 27 Convoy (Lawrence Sibug, Philippines, 2012) - Journalists as victims of political repression in a dramatization of the Ampatuan massacre Ka Oryang/Comrade Oryang (Sari Lluch Dalena, Philippines, 2011) - A woman political detainee makes a supreme sacrifice in a commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the declaration of the Marcoses martial law in the Philippines. A CinemaOne Originals award-winning film.