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P.O. Box 31928
San Francisco, CA, 94131-0928

A space to encourage writing of Filipino American literature and the arts



Philippine American Writers and Artists blog for lit/arts events, reviews, news, and opportunities.

Call for Submissions: Elsewhere


Via Elsewhere: We envision Elsewhere to be a space that doesn’t exist anywhere, a space for work that has trouble finding a place. We are interested in creative work that deals with marginalization in some form or another. We don’t think of “race”, “gender”, “class”and “sexuality” as dirty words or as problems to be dealt with outside of literature and art. Rather, we think of them as central to creative activity. To that end, we want stories, poems, nonfiction and artwork that situate themselves firmly in place, which feel compelled to transform in images and plots, in lines and rhymes how histories reside inside a cappuccino cup, cotton and cornfields, roadside diners, built-in shacks, tenements, middle-class bedrooms and parlors. We want stories about communities that are struggling to survive. We want stories about communities that stand up. We love stories about individuals who stay put. We love stories about individuals who are unafraid to move. We want stories about people who cannot help but conform. We want stories about people who refuse. Basically, we love art and literature that are not scared to show what cannot easily be traced with the naked eye. We invite you to send us your best work and look forward to sharing this new space with you.

Submissions deadline is November 15, 2012. Submissions guidelines are here.