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P.O. Box 31928
San Francisco, CA, 94131-0928

A space to encourage writing of Filipino American literature and the arts



Philippine American Writers and Artists blog for lit/arts events, reviews, news, and opportunities.

Call for Submissions: The Electronic Monsoon Poetry Magazine (Philippines)


Via Asia Writes: (Please direct queries to contacts listed below.)

Deadline: 10th of every month

What you can send:

1) Poem only (about anything at all, and we will find the picture to accompany it). Send one or several.

2) Ekphrastic poem and the picture it is based on or inspired by. The poem is called an ekphrasis of the picture. By picture we mean visual art such as a painting, or tactile art such as a sculpture or mobiles, or the photographs or digital images thereof; electronic art or digital creations; or the photograph of a performance art such as dance or drama. An ekphrastic poem can also be about a piece of music, so you will have to find a visual for the music (maybe be a photo of part of the score, the picture of the composer, or the like).

3) Poem & picture (where the poem is not an ekphrasis of the picture or image), you just chose it to accompany the picture by whatever esthetic connection or relationship.

4) Picture only: to accompany or illustrate any poem determined by the editor, or to occupy the Cover or Main Page of the magazine (it must be very interesting, of course). Accompany that picture with a brief anecdote of its taking—the why, what, and how, and even some technical information regarding the camera, the retouching done, if any, etc.

5) Several poems and pictures to create an issue of your own or several artworks, pictures, paintings, digital art to mount an online ArtShow.

Credits • Copyright • Restrictions

1) There are no restrictions as to language, subject or style of the poems and pictures except the Internet and Blogging protocols on pornography and any other content offensive to any race, country, religion, ideology.

2) Poems in other languages must be accompanied by an English translation subject to editorial evaluation.

3) All poems, art & pictures must be sent by email only.

4) All photographs, images & articles, contributed, solicited or sourced, remain the property of their owners and authors, who retain all the rights, and are duly credited and acknowledged as owners, source or origin. When used elsewhere from this location, acknowledgment of this source and ownership will be appreciated.

Frequency • Themes • Deadlines

We update our magazine on a bimonthly basis, or at least six times a year.

Each issue is not governed by a theme. If ever, a general thread and the most inclusive of excuses for a theme dictates the title of the issue.

Submission deadline is on the 10th of every month and the magazine issue is online by the 15th of the month within the bimonthly period.

Contact Us & Submit:

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