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Call for Submissions: ninepatch: A Creative Journal of Women & Gender Studies


Via Our emphasis is on the richness and texture of contemporary life for women, often through the lens of tradition and heritage. However, we are not solely dedicated to women’s issues and seek to explore the entire spectrum of gender including sexual identity, transgender, transsexuality, masculinity, and the issues that surround these identities.

ninepatch is seeking high-quality writing and artwork for its Spring/Summer 2012 issue. Entries will be accepted from February 1, 2012 to midnight April 30th, 2012. Anything received after this date and time will be deleted without being opened.

ninepatch will release two online journals per calendar year: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Each issue will focus on a theme that will be broad in its scope and lend itself to the artist’s interpretation. Please note we will not accept any work that fails to adhere to the journal’s mission, and the issue’s theme and general guidelines.

For the 2012 inaugural issue, the theme will be “Awakenings.” In its most obvious meaning we have chosen “Awakenings” to celebrate the birth of our new journal and its appearance in spring when the earth awakens from winter’s sleep. The “Awakenings” metaphor can extend to encompass other meanings: awakening of a sexual identity or gender awareness, awakening to a different concept of masculinity or femininity, awakening to gender-related activism and so on.

Artists may interpret the theme broadly. Please note these examples are not all-inclusive:

~Video of a performance poem about the first time a boy begins to believe he is a girl

~A poem about a awakening the day after a transgender surgery

~A flash fiction piece about when a mature married woman realizes she is a lesbian

~A family recipe along with a story that details how a modern Latina woman has awakened to understand her mother’s or grandmother’s life experiences as Cuban-Americans

~A photograph, sculpture, quilt or painting that depicts a gendered Awakening

~A short story about awakening to what it’s like to be an elderly woman

~A memoir from a man who has awakened to his concept of masculinity and how that has shaped his relationship with women

To find specifications for submitting in each category, please see Formatting Requirements.

Please read and adhere to guidelines carefully in order to have your work considered.

Because ninepatch is an online journal, we are able to accept all forms of original art including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, recipe-stories, visual art in an array of media, and video that includes flash fiction, spoken poetry, short-short films and song.

We define original as a piece of work that is compelling and accessible, rooted in craft and experience, tinted with tradition. We like lyrical writing, strong voices. We are not looking for work that is edgy for the sake of edginess, pretentious, dogmatic, trite, cliché or embedded in sentimentality, hate, stereotypes, overt aggression or graphic sexuality or violence. These things may have a purposeful presence, but not a gratuitous or exhibitionist presence. We are open to any genre as long as they adhere to the guidelines and the journal’s mission. We can not accept fan fiction. We encourage both new and established artists to submit. We are especially interested in seeing work from a wide variety of racial, cultural and identity backgrounds.