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12/01 - 12/17/2011: Bindlestiff Studio and Guerrilla Rep present Kat Evasco's "Mommy Queerest"


Bindlestiff Studio and Guerrilla Rep present the first run of a developing new work "Mommy Queerest"

When: Dec 1 to Dec 17; 8 pm

Tickets: sliding scale $15 – $25 | available online at Brown Paper Tickets or by calling 800.838.3006

Can a mother and daughter really share the closet?

Bindlestiff Studio and Guerrilla Rep are proud to present Kat Evasco in Mommy Queerest, written by Kat Evasco & John Caldon and directed by John Caldon. If Margaret Cho and Ellen Degeneres conceived a lesbian love baby, she would have nothing on this hilarious Bay Area actor and stand-up comic. Don’t miss Kat’s hard-earned lessons on staying classy while ho'ing around, reverse-colonizing America, and figuring out how to get your mom to come out of the closet.

Mommy Queerest begins with Kat having the earth-shattering realization that she and her mother are both lesbian. Too bad her mom hasn’t figured it out yet—despite the fact she’s been living with her partner since Kat was six years old! After a spectacularly failed attempt to share this epiphany with her mom, Kat lurches through her own teenage sexploration with guys and girls, trying to figure out how she fits in with her family, community, and self. After a decade of attempting to educate this wayward parent about what it means to be lesbian, she discovers there is still a thing or two she can learn from her mom.

Drawing on her experience as a stand-up comic and comedic actress, Kat narrates this unconventional coming out tale with sharp wit and unflinchingly honest self-revelation. She tackles conflict with humorous insight while illustrating the experience of being a Filipina lesbian, gay Christian, survivor of sexual abuse, and young American who is just trying to get some. "This show is half payback to my mom for making me come out for both of us and half love letter to her for making me who I am," Kat says, "She's terrified I'm exposing every skeleton in our family closet--and she should be. I might be Filipina American, but cultural silence is non-existent in my world, so like an eager exhibitionist I'm letting it all hang out. "

"Kat Evasco seems confident in everything she does; certainly not a bad thing, far from it!" — EDGE Publications