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A space to encourage writing of Filipino American literature and the arts



Philippine American Writers and Artists blog for lit/arts events, reviews, news, and opportunities.

Call for Submissions: Collection of Queer Stories & Art about Migration, Immigration, Displacement, & Diaspora


Uproot: Queer Voices on Migration, Immigration, Displacement, & Diaspora Vision: A fierce & gorgeous queer 'zine about people in motion. That is, in this case, a collection of art in any medium translatable to the printed/electronic page: i.e. essays, stories, poems, drawings/paintings, or photographs, about migration, immigration, displacement, diaspora, or any other movement of (your) people.

Whether by force or by choice, by land or by sea, by foot or by vehicle, ethnic, religious, and cultural groupings of people have always moved across the earth. We have had our lands occupied and colonized, pushing us to the fringes. We have been enslaved, and we have been displaced by war and economic disparities. We have chosen to move, in the hope for better lives for ourselves and our families. These movements have shaped, shifted, and blended our cultures, our religions, our food, our music, our identities - our very selves. They may have created great hope in us, traumatized us, provided us with opportunities otherwise unavailable to us, or resulted in loss of language or family or more. Our stories about the ways the migration(s) of our ancestors, our families, and ourselves have affected and informed our current identities deserve to be told, and deserve to be heard, read, and seen.

The stories of peoples' migrations and the subsequent effects on our cultures and identities are often told from the point of view of those who have historically held positions of power. This is no mainstream public school history book, y'all. Uproot aims to fill in and flesh out existing narratives, highlighting the perspectives and voices of LGBTQQI folks through our words, visual art, and other expression.

Who should submit: Queer folks (LGBTQQI, same-sex loving, two-spirit, or otherwise queer/non-hetero-ID'd folks) What you should submit: Any writing or art translatable to the printed/electronic page. (Can't believe I have to say this, but I probably do. Content/theme/subject should be about you or your people.) Please keep written submissions to 1,500 words or less. Contact me if you have a longer piece you would like to contribute. Limit one submission per person. Where you should send your stuff: When you should send it: By December 19, 2011. Please contact me if you would like to submit a piece but will need more time. Why?: Because your stories and the stories of your people deserve to be told, and the world needs to hear them.

ALSO: If you are juiced to be a part of this and might have some time, skills, or resources to donate to the formatting/layout/printing and eventual distribution processes, please do be in touch! I'm doing this for nothing but love, and though I could probably pull together a passable yet somewhat bootsy 'zine all on my own, and use my tips from two consecutive Sunday brunch shifts to print it out in black and white (and then use two consecutive Sunday evenings stapling it together) I would love to have a li'l help making it pretty. If you want to help me format or edit or start a kickstarter to fundraise for costs, etc., please holler, and put HELP in the subject line.

In love, and in hope that we all find a place to plant our roots and grow, Mahfam