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A space to encourage writing of Filipino American literature and the arts



Philippine American Writers and Artists blog for lit/arts events, reviews, news, and opportunities.

Call for Submissions: new graffiti: Literature on the Streets


From the new graffiti website: "Poetry gone Guerrilla Warfare, that sums up new graffiti: Literature on the Streets. Once a month new graffiti puts good writers/artists, established and virgin, in the public’s face…literally. And I don’t mean “literally” the obnoxious and incorrect way many people often use it. new graffiti  gets fantastic and beautiful poetry, fiction, essays and art posted, plastered and printed in all kinds of public spaces. The ultimate mission of new graffiti is to get good literature and art under the public’s eyes and get everyday people familiar with some of the people destroying themselves to create this art." Previously new graffiti: Literature on the Streets has been open for submissions for two weeks out of every month; this is changing. We will now be accepting submissions twice a year (April 1-30 and Oct 1-30). In addition, starting with our April submission period new graffiti: Literature on the Streets will be accepting submissions (of both art and writing) from anywhere across the globe; though, our March and September issues will still be dedicated to writers/artists from Utah.

When submitting to new graffiti: Literature on the Streets please follow the guidelines below.

If you are a poet (performance or academic), a writer of fiction, or creative nonfiction send your best previously unpublished stuff (up to 3 poems for poetry, one essay or piece of fiction for prose) to

Keep in mind that for your work to be selected it needs to grab the reader by the throat, heart, brain, or other applicable organ and make them acknowledge it.

Paste your work into the body of the email, and attach it as a (.doc) or (.docx) file. Include your name and genre in the subject line, and a short (like a couple of lines) bio or cover letter in the body of the email before the work you’re submitting.

If your work is accepted, you agree to grant new graffiti Publishing First North American Serial Rights as well as the right to put your work on the new graffiti Publishing website and possibly include it in a future anthology.

new graffiti: Literature on the Streets is a shoestring operation and as such cannot pay authors in cash. So, in that grand tradition of independent journals everywhere, authors will be paid in contributor copies of the issue featuring their work.