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Online Writing Classes for Moms: The Momoir Project


From She Writes: Online Writing Classes for Moms: The Momoir Project

with Cori Howard

$395 for a 3-month course

 Starts October 6, 2011

Learn the art of the “momoir” in this exciting new online class.  The class is aimed at moms of all ages and stages who are interested in learning how to translate their personal experiences and memories of motherhood into words. Whether you want to write as a keepsake for yourself or your children, or whether you want to start a blog, improve your blog or get published in a newspaper, magazine or book, this course will help guide you, inspire you and get you writing.

Class time is held in an online forum where students get a chance to discuss writing and other personal essays on motherhood with other moms around the world. There are several parts to the course: a series of forums where the instructor posts a lesson and questions and you get to comment and respond to other student’s comments. There are six forums held once every two weeks over a 5-hour period.

Forum discussions will focus on your writing and the readings (with the class you are given a fabulous and inspiring reading package, consisting of the best essays on motherhood carefully culled and selected by Cori Howard, editor of Between Interruptions: Thirty Women Tell the Truth about Motherhood, and founder of The Momoir Project.)

Every two weeks, you will complete a new writing assignment, as well as read about two essays. Over the three month session, we will cover the essential elements of writing a momoir, and you will develop your own personal essay, as well as six shorter pieces. As well, you will learn how to start a blog, improve your blog and how to publish in publications - both in print and online, and how to pitch your stories and ideas to editors and publishers.

Reading and writing assignments have been designed with the busy mom in mind. The class is very manageable, no matter how heavy your mother-load.