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Call for Short Stories: Anak Sastra September 2011 Edition (Southeast Asia)


Via Asia Writes: We are currently accepting short stories for the September 2011 edition of Anak Sastra.

If you would like to publish your short story in Anak Sastra, please follow the simple guidelines below.

What We Want...

Anak Sastra consists of two main platforms. The first is to give writers of Southeast Asian countries a place to publish their short stories on any topic written in English. The second is to allow expatriates and tourists to share their experiences living or traveling in Southeast Asia through short stories written in English.

Geographic Range...

Although submissions from or about Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and the Philippines are welcomed, preference is given to submissions from or about Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. Stories with no connection to Southeast Asia will not be considered.

Short Story Guidelines...

Essentially, there are no guidelines. You may write on any topic, although topics considered highly offensive or insensitive may not be allowed publication. The length is also up to the writer. Keep in mind, however, that a short story should not be a novel, nor should a short story be too small that there isn't much of a story. Do not submit a story that is published elsewhere and never submit work that is not entirely your own.

Language and Grammar...

All stories must be submitted in English. Preference is given to American, British, or Australian English, however, feel free to use local English dialects (Singlish, Manglish, Indolish, etc.) if it is appropriate to any dialogue in your stories. As English is not necessarily your first language, the editorial staff will accommodate any minor grammar or vocabulary mistakes. If a story requires a significant amount of editing, it may be rejected for publication.

How to Submit Your Story...

All stories must be e-mailed to as an attachment or pasted in the body of an e-mail. We do not accept postal mail.

What Happens Next...

After you submit your story, you should receive an e-mail confirmation that your story was received. If you do not receive confirmation within 1 week, contact the editor ( to see if he received your original e-mail. After your story has been accepted for publication and reviewed, the editor will send an e-mail letting you know when your story will be published. At this time he may ask for any images or pictures you might like to include with the story, though this is not a requirement. You will also be highly encouraged to submit a short bio of yourself. If your story is rejected for publication, the editor will let you know this by e-mail as well.


Deadlines cause stress. Anak Sastra is a stress-free zone. So there are no deadlines for story submissions. However, if you submit your story immediately before the next issue comes out, do not expect to see it in that issue. That would be stressful for the editor to hurry through the editorial process and not allowed in this stress-free zone. Be nice to the editor and give him at least 2 weeks.


For submitting your stories, asking questions, or making extremely large financial donations to Anak Sastra, please contact the editor at

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