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Call for Performance: Femmes of Color Symposium 2011


Call for Performance: Femmes of Color Symposium 2011 Submission Deadline 7/29/2011

About the Femmes Of Color Symposium

FOCS2011: Gateway to Action, is a symposium by and for self-identified FEMMES of COLOR. FOCS will create the opportunity—through workshops, community building/social activities, presentations, panels, and performances—to uncover and discover our similarities, our differences, our needs, and how to build the bridges that will allow us to support each other in all of who we are. It will serve as a launch point for a real-time and virtual nation-wide network of diverse individuals, prompt dialogue, and empower us to cultivate, sustain, and celebrate the vibrant connections we have made and will make among femmes of color.

Following our FOCS Symposium in New Orleans, where femmes of color gathered for three days of workshops, panels, and performances, we invite femmes of color from all over the map—community members, artists, academics, homemakers, activists, etc.—to participate in FOCS2011 as presenters and participants.

We are invested in having FOCS 2011 continue to reflect the diversity and complexity of femme gender, identity and contributions. We hope for this conference to be a community building event, as well as an exploration and celebration of what it means to build and live queer femme of color identities.

About Performing at FOCS

We envision creating a dynamic performance showcase of local and national performers working in all artistic disciplines and of diverse experience and walks of life. We seek submissions in all genres: poetry, spoken word, theater, dance, drag, burlesque, comedy, multi-media and more! We encourage submissions by femmes of color across the gender spectrum, by trans women of color, working-class femmes of color, fat femmes of color, and femmes of color with disabilities.

Artists should plan for about 4 minutes of stage time when considering their submissions.

**To submit your proposal, please email the following info to**

Contact Name:

Street Address:

Phone Number:



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Performer Name:

Brief Bio:

Summary of Your Submission (Tell us what you want to perform at FOCS 2011!):

Tech Needs:

Length of Piece:

It is ok if you are unsure about the exact work you will perform at FOCS but please provide descriptions of past work or performances so that the submissions committee can get a feel for your work. The submissions committee consists of 4 Oakland and LA based artists. We will review all submissions during the month of July and communicate decisions and logistics in early August.


Compensation for performance is based on a door split after production costs. We are unable to provide stipends to artists for travel.

To Learn More

To learn more about us, our mission and to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns, please find us at our website:

**Submission deadline is July 29, 2011**