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Trailer: AMIGO (John Sayles, 2010)


Via Twitch Film: AMIGO is the latest film from award-winning writer-director John Sayles, and is set during the Philippine-American War in 1900. It stars Chris Cooper, DJ Qualls, Garret Dillahunt, Joel Torre, Yul Vazquez, Ronnie Lazaro.

When U.S. troops garrison his village, Rafael comes under pressure to collaborate from the blood-and-guts Colonel Hardacre (Chris Cooper) as he tries not to betray his people, especially his brother Simón (Ronnie Lazaro), head of the local Filipino guerrillas. A sympathetic American lieutenant (Garret Dillahunt) learns that 'hearts and minds' cannot be won at gunpoint. A devious Spanish friar (Yul Vazquez) thwarts communications with his spiteful intrigues. Rafael is forced to make the near impossible, potentially deadly decisions faced by civilians in an occupied country. Friendship and betrayal, romance and heart-breaking violence, AMIGO is a page torn from the forgotten history of imperialism and a mirror of today's unresolvable conflicts.

Have a look at the beautiful trailer below.


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